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Brew Insure is a program owned and managed by Brown & Brown Insurance, the nation's 6th largest insurance brokerage. 

Our purpose is to help growing craft breweries with custom protection and risk management. We work with the top insurance carriers to craft quality coverage to suit each individual brewery's needs. 

Unlike other insurance brokers, we have a team of 100+ talented teammates that are experts in property and casualty, executive liability, employee benefits, risk management and claims management.

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We understand that you have choices when it comes to insurance. Business is risky enough so why leave your insurance to chance. Our team provides risk review and insurance placement to protect you from the unplanned. With your existing risk management and our guidance, your business will be prepared for fast and continued growth. 


all brewers welcome

Whether you are a local brewer, a beer pub, a regional brewer or a large bottler, we have the ability to help. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you to the appropriate coverage for your business. Below are just a few of the features of our service and review process. 

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Identify Risk

We start by working closely with you and your team to identify threats inside and outside your operations that may jeopardize your business. We find that many breweries understand basic risks to their business, but may miss exposures that could be disastrous if not addressed. 

minimize risk

Our loss control experts will work with you to reduce exposures to loss. Risk is part of doing business, but if not managed will put you out of business. It can also put your employees in harms way. Beyond the physical exposures to loss, we address your financial liabilities and work with you to protect both.



insure risk

We are insurance brokers, but understand that insurance is not always the answer. If risk has been identified and managed, your need for insurance may be greatly reduced. Once you understand your exposures though our risk management process, we help place the proper insurance. Specializing in breweries, brew pubs and beer manufacturing allows us to access top tier carriers and programs that will offer you the right coverage at the right price. 



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General Liability

People are having a great time in your taproom, enjoying some wonderful craft beer. One of your patrons spills his glass and someone else slips and falls on the beer in your taproom floor. General liability will cover bodily injury and property damage. You want to be sure to carry 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate. This means 1 million for each loss and no more than 2 million total coverage for the term of the policy.

Workers comp

A lot of breweries are family owned and operated. You may be thinking that workers’ compensation isn’t necessary because your only employees are family. If they aren’t at least 15% owner of the company, it is required by law to carry workers’ compensation in the state of California. It isn’t as expensive as it may seem, so don’t try to get by without it. It will save you more than a headache should anything happen to an employee.

Product Liability

You’ve put a lot of hard work and time into opening your pride and joy. Not having product liability can be a fatal mistake. You’ve brewed and bottled quite a bit of beer, and a patron drinks one of those beers and gets injured due to a chip of glass that was in the bottle. Product liability will help with covering the costs of a mess like this.

Auto Liability

Many breweries deliver cases of beer or kegs to restaurants or taprooms that carry their beer. Even if you have one employee who delivers and one truck/van that you use for delivery, it is best to carry 1 million dollars in auto liability.

Liquor Liability

You may or may not be surprised to hear that some breweries are operating without liquor liability. We hope you agree that every line of insurance is crucial to operating a successful brewery, but liquor liability may be the most important coverage. Damages resulting from careless behavior, fights, and even auto accidents can be cause for a claim. Fortunately, with liquor liability you will be able to protect your brewery from a financial hit due to incidents such as these.

Employee Benefits

Most breweries start out with home brewers making beer in their garage. Not all, but a lot of people have a goal in mind of becoming the next Samuel Adams. When you grow to that size, having employee benefits is a key component to the viability of your brewery. Providing your employees with health insurance and benefit plans is a great way to ensure retention and performance.