Food Trucks Serve Up Customers

Food Trucks have grown substantially over the past five years. It seems every major city and even small town have their share of quality food trucks and events. Many local brewers are capitalizing on this trend as well. If you are a craft brewer with no food service, food trucks can help bring a crowd to your tasting room. This can boost sales and your brand recognition.  Most popular food trucks are heavy social media users with good followings. They can help spread the word about your brewery and bring new and repeat customers. Food trucks and breweries are a match made in heaven. Quality beer and quality food go hand in hand. Keeping your customer's bellies full will also help reduce liquor liability exposure.

Many breweries will work through a food truck organizer to secure and schedule food trucks. The food trucks pay a portion of their sales to the organizer for providing the routine venues and the promotion of the events. The organizers will typically handle the coordination of proof of insurance as well. You can try to schedule your own trucks, but just be prepared for added work. 

Our sister company, protects over 900 gourmet food trucks across the country. We can made recommendations for organizers and trucks. Please let us know if you have any questions on this subject or need a recommendation.