Employee Dishonesty, Staying a Step Ahead

It is important to have staff at your brewery that you can trust. If you plan on hiring employees that you are unfamiliar with, look at resumes, reach out to employee references, and do basic background checks. The key is to do what you can to prevent a loss, because employee theft is often times difficult to track and very hard to prove. These tips can help you in preventing a loss

Have cameras installed. It's never a bad idea to have cameras installed inside and outside of your brewery. Not only will this help to deter employee theft, but can also protect against any unwanted outside attention. Let your employees know that this is for their benefit and protection, and if someone has an issue with the cameras then that would give you reason to be concerned about that employee.

Keep your employees happy. Employee theft happens, often times, when employees think they are being unfairly treated or not properly compensated for their hard work. When serving beer and/or liquor, there will be tips involved so make sure your employees are getting a fair share of those tips. Having a POS system that builds in tip options will help in avoiding a cash tip, which can lead to theft.

Be present and aware. We understand that you can't be watching your employees at all times, but try to be present as much as possible. If you are hosting a brewery event and know that there will be a lot of cash transactions going on, do your best to be aware of all the transactions and have a trusted employee.

Keep track of your inventory. There will be a lot of beer being made and sold, and it may not be money that an employee is after. Keep track of all materials that go in making the beer, as well as the finished product. If you don't regularly keep track of your inventory, you may be short cash and inventory. Employees occasionally giving cases to their buddies is probably fine with you, but not keeping track of your inventory will lead to a lot of mysterious disappearance. 

If you've done everything you can to deter employee theft, and still suspect an employee of stealing, the first step you can take would be terminating that employee. Filing a police report is important if you have employee theft insurance and want the claim to be covered. A typical employee theft policy will have a $10,000 limit.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions about employee dishonesty or any insurance related questions.