Hiring The Right Employees, And Keeping Them Honest

When hiring employees you are unfamiliar with, it is important to check resumes, do basic background checks, and call employee references. Having a trustworthy staff is very important in running a viable business. Employee theft is is many times hard to track, and very difficult to prove, which is why it is very important to do what you can to prevent a loss. There are a many simple things you can do to help prevent employee dishonesty. 

Keep your employees happy. Seems easy, right? Not always! When employees think they are being treated unfairly, or they aren't being properly compensated for their work, is when employee theft happens. They want to get back at you somehow for being mistreated. Try to treat all employees equally and reward hard work. When serving beer and/or liquor, there will be tips involved, so make sure your employees are getting a fair amount of those tips. A good idea is to have a POS system that will build in tip options to avoid theft of cash tips.

Be present as much as possible. We know that as a brewery owner you are very busy and cant be monitoring your employees at all times, but try to be present as much as possible. When hosting a brewery event, understand that there will be a lot of cash transactions going on, so try to have a trusted employee transfer from till to safe, and do your best to be aware of all cash transactions. 

Camera Installation. A great way to protect against employee theft is to install cameras inside and outside of your brewery. This will also help deter unwanted outside attention. Letting your employees know that this is for their protection and benefit should help them understand the reason you're installing cameras. If any employee has an issue with them being installed, then you have good reason to be worried about the actions of that employee. 

Tracking your inventory. There are plenty of other things that an employee can steal besides money. Keep track of all materials that go into making the beer, as well as the finished product. It is easy to end up being short short on cash and inventory if you aren't regularly keeping track. 

If you've done everything you can to deter employee theft, and still suspect an employee of stealing, the first step you can take would be terminating that employee. Filing a police report is important if you have employee theft insurance and want the claim to be covered. A typical employee theft policy will have a $10,000 limit.