Gearing Up For A Busy Summer

The rains have subsided a bit here in California, and summer is right around the corner. Clear skies, warm weather, and a beer in hand is, for many people an ideal summer afternoon. As a brewery owner, are you ready for the busy months ahead? We understand that being an owner is very time consuming, but during your "down time" is a great opportunity to market your product.

Restaurants- Have you thought about reaching out to local restaurants to set up an event at their restaurant for some beer tasting? This is a great way to get your name out there, and drive people to the restaurant and your brewery. Often times, if it ends up being a big success for the restaurant, they will end up being a carrier of your craft brews. This also helps to get involved in the community, and there is no greater way to grow a business than playing a prominent part in the growth and betterment of your community. 

Social Media- We can't stress enough the importance of social media marketing! During the slower months, or even when the busy months pick up, it is important to have someone focusing on growing your brand through social media. It is the easiest and most efficient way to get your name out to the public. There are many "jobs within the main job" and this should be one of those. Once you get heavy into social media marketing, you will notice the difference in foot traffic coming through your door for beer tastings, as well as the amount of products purchased. This will make for a n even busier summer.