National Beer Day

It's April 4th, 2017, which means it's National Beer Day! National Beer Day commemorates April 7, 1933, the day that the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted. It was signed into law on March 22, 1933 by President Frankilin Roosevelt. Before Prohibition was completely repealed, this law allowed for the legal sale of low-alcohol beer in the U.S. Upon signing the legislation, Roosevelt made a famous remark: "I think this would be a good time for a beer", which noted the U.S.' 13 year dry spell. 

The beer industry plays a huge role in the U.S. economy, contributing over $253 billion. There are over 4,000 active breweries in the United States with over 700 in California alone. In those 4,000 + breweries, there are nearly 1.75 million Americans that are employed. 

So sit back today, enjoy a beer, and appreciate the growth of the beer business in this great Country that we call home. Happy National Beer Day!