Understanding Your Brewerys Insurance Policy

Working with many breweries in California and across the country gives us the opportunity to see the time and effort that owners put into running a brewery. We understand you have to focus on the many aspects of running a brewery, and know that many of the start ups are family owned and don't have employees. You are the owner and the employee! With these day-to-day tasks, it leaves little time to thoroughly read through your insurance policy. And even if you did have the time, who wants to do that? Brewery owners rely on their agent to help guide them through their policy and make sure they understand the insurance terms as well as limits and exclusions. 

It's important to know that not all policies are the same. Many times these policies will have differences in their coverage and exclusions, which makes it much more important to work with an agent or broker who specializes in the industry, so they know the details to be looking out for. When you start seeing some growth with your business is when you want to assess your insurance situation again. With the growth of your business come different needs for insurance, with possibly adding additional lines of coverage and adding higher limits to your current coverage. 

We can't stress enough how important it is to go over your current policy with your agent, and make sure you understand the coverage you have in place. You want to make sure to talk about any concerns you have before those concerns became an issue. Reading through a policy can seem daunting, but dealing with a claim because you weren't covered properly makes reading through a policy seem like a breeze. Take the time to do it, and do what you can to cover yourself from unforeseen issues. If you are unsure about what is in your policy and would like to speak with a brewery insurance professional, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!