we are a full service agency

Brew Insure is a part of Brown & Brown Insurance, the Nation's 6th largest insurance brokerage. We offer all types of insurance protection though our team of over 100 talented staff at our location as well as though our network of nearly 9,000 total staff. Below are just a few of the additional products and services we offer. 


Employee Benefits

We get it... Employee Benefits are a critical component to your business—the right benefits package could greatly benefit your organization by reducing costs and attracting top talent. But in order to have the best benefits tailored to your specific needs, you need an expert employee benefits consultant. Brew Insure's experienced consultants believe that each client is unique, and their benefit's package should be customized accordingly . Our consultants identify important employer objectives, and diligently work with each client to meet these objectives and surpass expectations. Whether 2 employees or 20,000, we ensure outstanding results and lasting friendships.


Life Insurance

With over four billion dollars of insurance already in force, our team's industry influence, expertise and resources are well established.  Our proprietary product offerings, technical presentation proficiency and large case portfolio structuring are virtually unmatched nationwide. 

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Private Client

We understand that you are bombarded with solicitations by direct insurance companies that urge you to save a buck.  We approach personal insurance differently... No household is the same and not all risk exposures or insurance needs are the same.  We work with you to identify your needs.  Then we access multiple preferred insurance carriers to find the best fit for you with coverage in mind first.  Price is also important, but we will help you understand the difference between quotes so you can make an educated decision with our guidance.